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We are Developing Champions Daily!

Welcome to Linden Wrestling

The Linden Wrestling Staff is glad you are here with us. We are dawning in a new era of Eagles Wrestling. One that will be built piece by piece and will surely have an impact on your life. My name is Kyle Summerfield and I am excited to lead this program into the future. We will build student athletes in this program, student being the MOST important term. Wrestling is a unique sport, which I believe prepares you for life’s obstacles more than any other. Together we will build NOT only good wrestlers, but more importantly good people. I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

For many of you wrestling is a new sport and a new concept. I look forward to expanding your wrestling knowledge and watching you grow as you men and women. All athletes start out inexperienced, but in wrestling you can overcome that inexperience, athletic ability, or size. Hard work and dedication is the backbone to the sport of wrestling. With hard work and dedication you can become a great wrestler! You truly take out what you put in. Every wrestler I have ever coached or worked with (myself included) started wrestling at a disadvantage; either feeling young, scared, and or overwhelmed. Just like you, they assumed all the great wrestlers were some kind of super blessed athletes with advantages they did not possess. That I promise you is not the case. All of the success you hope to obtain is possible. WE have carefully planned out and developed a system to build successful individuals. Believe in the system and dedicate yourself by committing to success.

The LHS Wrestling Definition of Success

After building good people, the goal of the Linden Wrestling Program is to place wrestlers at the MHSAA State Championships. This is a lofty goal and something to always strive for. John Wooden, one of the best coaches in history, defined success as “A piece of mind attained through self-satisfaction and knowing you made the effort to do the best you are capable.” That definition is the basis for the philosophy of LHS Wrestling’s idea of success. It basically means that you have found success if you did everything in your power to be successful. If you took it easy in workouts, skipped practice, gave up in competition, or held back when lifting, but still placed at State, you have failed. You failed because you have no idea how good you could have really been if you would have given it your best efforts all the time. If you killed it in all your training, but never even made the varsity line-up for the post season, you are still a success. This does not mean it is okay to accept a lower role on the team because you feel it is the best you can do. You should be in constant pursuit of the next level of success. At the end of each season, and at the end of your career, you will need to be able to look back on your training and feel good about the work you put in. If you can remember times when you phoned it in or didn’t do a reasonable amount of extra work, you will not feel good about your success. The only way to feel good ab