Summit Eagles Take Flight!

This past week the Summit Wrestling Club kicked off their inaugural season! In the first week over 40 wrestlers joined the program. The practices at Summit fit the caliber wrestlers we have in the program!

Registration has not ended yet! Registration will continue outside the wrestling room doors each night! 

The Novice Group practices Monday and Wednesday's from 6-7:30pm! The Novice Group is for all beginning wrestlers and wrestlers still learning the basics of this great sport. Novice Practices Cost 125$ for the season. 

In order to have a wrestler join the Elite group the wrestler must have the approval of the coaching staff.

Elite Practices are Tuesday and Thursdays from 6-8pm. Elite Practices are run at a very high level. Wrestlers in this group should be very expierenced and should be looking to compete at the State and National level. Wrestlers in this group should have a mastery of basic wrestling technique. Elite costs 145$ for the season.

We offer discounts for families with multiple wrestlers in the program. Asks about the discount at Registration!

Wrestlers who are currently in Middle School wrestling can also join Summit. The cost is 85$ and they can participate in either the Novice or Elite group depending on their skill level. Most Middle Schoolers are wrestling right now in the Metro Area so they will not regularly attend Summit Practices until December. 

When wrestlers sign up for Summit and pay their registration fee the wrestlers receive the following:

-MMWA memberships

-MYWAT memberships 

-USA wrestling Memberships

-Summit Wrestling T-Shirt

All new Summit Wrestlers MUST bring a copy of their birth certificate for registration.

We look forward to seeing all the Summit Wrestlers this week at Practice and all new members at Registration.

We are Developing Champions Daily! 

Go Eagles!