Linden Middle School Hits the Ground Running

This past week the Linden Middle School Wrestling Team started their competitive season. The Team had two impressive showings to get things started.

Thursday the Team had their first set of Dual Meets! The team wrestled tough.

Below are Thursday’s results; 2-0 on the day: Devin Nowak, Ben Wingblad, Liam Saad, Shaw Skinner, michael Bush, Brady Makela, Wyatt Barrett

1-1: Carlos A, Logan Ethington, Logan schwacho, Mark Shanahan , Peyton Carr

0-2: Louis Goble, Logan Siegel, Grace Kenny, Tyler McCabe, Adelia Carr. 

Saturday the Team headed to Holly for their first tournament of the year. The Holly Invitational,which featured some of the states best wrestlers and was an individual tournament. 

Here are the results from Holly:

Champion: Wyatt Barrett

Runner Up: Devon Nowak, Liam Saad, Payton Carr, Tyler McCabe,  Adalia Carr, Carlos A. 

Coach Phifer and Bush were in agreement about the first week! Kids wrestled tough and mixed it up. A lot of little improvements can take place and the team will be very different by seasons end!

Good luck to the Tough Eagles as they are back on the mat this Thursday!

We are Developing Champions Daily!